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Andrew Huberman’s Supplement Stack Is Wild—and Wildly Effective

Whether you’ve been combining supplements for years or are new to stacking, trying to get the right mix of supplements to turbocharge your health and fitness goals can be intimidating. We always say when in doubt, look to the experts. And when it comes to stacking supplements, neuroscientist and podcast host Andrew Huberman has made it an art form. The Stanford University professor’s supplement routine is robust, and (mostly) backed by science to promote healthspan and lifespan. We’ve gathered e

Guys, Semen Retention Won’t Give You Super Sperm. Here’s Why.

One quick search for semen retention on Reddit and you’ll find over 100,000 members looking to dry out (and no, not from booze). It doesn’t stop there: a study published in 2022 found semen retention had over 1.2 billion impressions on TikTok and over one million posts on Instagram (1).

The idea around semen retention isn’t new. Originally an ancient practice motivated by the belief ejaculating weakens your overall health, it’s now evolved into a “movement” around improving your quality of life

Here’s How Often Couples Should Have Sex, According to Sex Therapists

Few married couples keep up the rabbit-like sex frequency they had when they first got together. It’s normal for sex to become more infrequent, or turn into the occasional dry spell as the initial excitement of a new relationship fades. Still, it’s common to wonder if you’re having as much sex as you could—or should—be.

Truth is, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to sexual frequency.

“Couples vary in their libido and so some couples are satisfied with lower frequency while oth

Want to Look Like The Rock? Adopt These 8 Health Habits

It’s safe to say the dude knows how to eat. During his time in the WWE, The Rock was taking in 6,000 to 8,000 calories a day—and his diet has largely remained the same. “I do eat five to six, sometimes seven meals a day, whether or not I’m training for a role, which usually I am training for some sort of role or trying to maintain for the role that I’m currently in,” he told . Johnson typically starts his day with cream of rice or oatmeal, topped with some buffalo and eggs. Meal two is a carb—ri

The Hard Science About What Happens to Your Junk as You Age

Like a well-aged whiskey, a maturing penis isn’t a bad thing. Even if you don’t want to crank out kids in your 60’s a la Alec Baldwin, it’s reassuring to know that plenty of guys still get hard into their sixth decade and beyond.

But like the rest of your body, your junk is in the hands of Father Time. And with every passing year, the idea of an “old man penis” looms.

As you get older, your penis may curve, shrink, or change color. You might need more stimulation to get aroused.

Some age-rela

Yes, Testosterone Injections Actually Build Muscle. Here’s How.

Low testosterone can be a gut punch to your gains. Despite your all-out effort in the gym, you’re left sore—and often more weak—post-pump.

That’s because testosterone plays a vital role in muscle strength and size. If your levels nosedive to a below-normal range, you’ll notice nasty symptoms including weight gain, fatigue, and—yes—muscle loss.

While testosterone injections are not the same as using anabolic steroids (more on that below), testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can get your horm

9 Celebs Who Champion Mental Health—and How They Handle A-List Pressure

Think back five years. Mental health likely wasn’t something your friends opened up about too much, let alone celebrities. We’ve come a long way since then—mental health is now less of a stigma, and more of a part of our overall well being. While Hollywood stars aren’t certified therapists, their voices amplify the importance of mental fitness to help those in need feel less alone. Ryan Reynolds meditates, Wayne Brady plays video games and paintball, Chris Evans soothes his mind with a “Sssh,” a

What Happens After You Get Kicked in the Balls? That Depends.

A groin shot should only be reserved for the brave souls on putting their nuts on the line for your entertainment. But if your boys have been on the unfortunate end of a boot, fist, or other blunt object, you know the pain. For the most part, the aftermath of a nut shot involves some stabbing stomach pain, doubling over, a (perhaps failed) attempt at revenge, and then you’re back to normal. More severe encounters may need some Advil and an ice pack, but your crown jewels bounce back. So what are

What Muscles Do Rowers Work?

As a competitive rower for over a decade, I’m stoked to see rowing machines like the Hydrow or Peloton finally get their rightful place in home gym tech.

Rowing is a crazy effective, full-body workout that combines resistance and cardiovascular training.

It also works a shit ton of muscles. Nine muscle groups and 86 percent of your body’s muscles, to be exact (1).

While rowing is technically a “pushing” sport, your upper body and core are put through their paces too, says Gina Vita, ACSM-cert

Why Protein Gives You Farts That Clear a Room

Animal and plant protein sources contain different compounds that may contribute to how often you pass gas, and the rancid smell that follows.

Turkey, beef, eggs, and chicken contain sulfur, a mineral that is needed to produce insulin, and make collagen and keratin (a protein that helps form and strengthen hair, nails, and the outer layer of skin).

Sulfur is also essential for making and recycling glutathione–a critical antioxidant that may help reduce inflammation and prevent cell damage caus

12 Best Electrolyte Powders of 2022, According to an RD

Grabbing an electrolyte-packed sports drink during or after an intense workout can help rehydrate you, fight fatigue, and speed up recovery. There are plenty of ready-to-chug solutions out there, but they can be packed with sugar. Enter electrolyte powders and tablets, low-sugar options that you can mix with a bottle of water.

Electrolyte powders contain varying amounts of electrolytes, as well as carbohydrates, vitamins, and artificial sweeteners. “Determining which powder is right for you wil

What If Doritos Cool Ranch Chips Were Packed with Protein?

I don’t have a sweet tooth. I like a crunch. Pretzels (of any kind), chips (also of any kind), and anything that satisfyingly snaps in my mouth are welcome. Call it a ‘crunch-tooth.’ The problem: most of these crunchy snacks are full of carbs and sugar, and all the other junk that kills any gains I may have made in the gym.

That is, until one very late night when I stumbled into a convenience store (yes, tequila can make you wobble) and slowly made my noodle legs and glassy eyes over to my favo

Bodybuilders Are Dying: An Investigation Into Modern Bodybuilding, Health, & PED Use

Bodybuilding, steroids, and untimely deaths: is there a link? And what can be done?

In 2021, the bodybuilding and fitness community lost 21 dedicated bodybuilders. It became one of the darkest times in bodybuilding history and sparked outrage in the bodybuilding community. At the center of the conversation was focused on steroid use, despite the fact that some of these deaths were noted as a result of non-steroid related issues.

People want answers. In fact, people are demanding answers. Athle

Pocket Guide To Calories, Basal Metabolic Rate & Intake Requirements

Everything you need to know for your bulking and cutting needs.

For so many of us, we have that image of what we want to be. Those of us bodybuilders have that image for what we want to look like. But it can be a real challenge in getting there. Having the expertise to know what to do and how to do it. Sure, reading about fellow bodybuilders and athletes is a great tool, but what works for them may not work for you. That can be discouraging.

However, if you take these components and break them

How CBD Helps Boost Your Overall Athletic Performance

CBD products are in full demand right now and the benefits make it obvious as to why.

With a hot and growing industry continuing to rise, CBD companies have taken full advantage of this new craze that everyone is talking about. A safe and effective way to tackle any unwanted pain, aid in recovery, and assist with many other bodily functions, it’s easy to see why so many people are drawn to CBD. We are always trying to look for the next great product to boost our overall health and fitness lifes

Keanu Reeves Was Tricked Into Making This Movie After A Friend Forged His Signature

Keanu Reeves has earned a solid reputation in Hollywood as a brilliant actor and an all-around good guy. While many of his films have seen great success, like so many big stars, a few bombs sneak their way onto the resume. Reeves is applauded for his range as an actor who delights fans in movies like Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure or offers an adrenaline boost in movies like Speed. The fact he is a genuinely nice guy in the business makes him a sought after co-star to work with.

Although rath

Here's How 'Jaws' Changed People's Minds About The Ocean

The American shark thriller Jaws turns 45 years old this year and still to this day, the movie has exasperated fears and changed people’s minds surrounding the ocean. The fear of the unknown, coupled with fears surrounding these ocean beasts, were spurred on by director Steven Spielberg’s 1975 film. Since then, the idea of sharks has created a sense of insecurity surrounding the water and has led to what some call the ‘Jaws’ Effect.

Jaws follows a police chief (Roy Scheider) who enlists the hel

Here's Why Cop Shows Have A Larger Responsibility Than Just Entertainment

Cop shows have been staples in American television for a long time, but they’re there to serve a larger purpose than to just provide entertainment. People gravitate towards cops shows, both scripted and not, for a variety of reasons. Whether it be for the story, for people do love true crime and facts surrounding histories crazy, most heinous stories, or whether viewers watch because for some reason watching a fictional cop take down a fictional perpetrator makes them feel safe, cop shows have e

Capone: How The Real-Life "Scarface" Gangster Got His Scars

The biopic Capone is a gruesome story about the final years of infamous crime boss Al Capone’s life, however, it leaves out many details of his younger self, including how the famous gangster got the scars that led to his "Scarface" nickname. Written and directed by Josh Trank, the film stars Tom Hardy as an ailing Al Capone, suffering from dementia as his descent into darkness is explored. While most of the film takes place after Capone’s release from Alcatraz and centers around his diminishing

Jarhead Is One Of The Most Accurate War Movies: True Story Explained

Jarhead, based on the book Jarhead by Anthony Swofford, is considered one of the most accurate war movies to date. Swofford was a member of the Surveillance and Target Acquisition (STA) Platoon in the Gulf War, a platoon largely made up of snipers that generally contained some of the better Marines in the battalion. His book follows his life in the Marine Corps and is based heavily on his accounts of various situations he encountered while stationed in Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War, from the

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