Writer. Marketer. Creative.

Growing up, I loved the arts and athletics. I must admit juggling rehearsal with practice wasn’t easy. So, I chose the athletic route. But my love of writing remained constant. Whether it was a short story, screenplay, and yes, even a research paper, whenever I'd put pen to page (or fingers to keyboard), I felt at home.

I was a competitive rower throughout high school and college. And while I’ll save you the regurgitation of a student-athlete’s “resume skills” (teamwork, leadership, collaboration, work ethic - although all true), this sport was a lifeline throughout my young adult years. I've raced around the world, from Spain, to England, to Plovdiv, Bulgaria, where I competed with the United States Under-23 National Team at the 2017 World Championships.

Put simply, I love to write. I’ve been fortunate to gain immense writing and editing skills, including the ins and outs of SEO, while gaining valuable marketing experience as well. Emails, newsletters, social media copy and scripts, and landing page copy are all in the repertoire of copywriting and marketing assets under my belt.

Creating content is a blast and in our world today all too necessary. I love the challenge of trying something new to make it the best it can be.